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Richard Sheridan has been delivering inspiring keynotes about the business value of joy worldwide for well over a decade. Interest in the topic accelerated quickly when his first book, Joy, Inc., was released by Penguin Random House in December of 2013.
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What to Expect

Now with Penguin’s 2019 launch of his second book, Chief Joy Officer, Rich’s breadth of topics has expanded to include not only how to build joyful workplace cultures but also the importance of growing joyful leaders to foster and perpetuate those cultures.


There’s a reason Rich’s business card includes the title “Chief Storyteller.” Through touching and humorous stories, Rich brings home a powerful message that moves hearts and minds and leads to action and real change. 

What to Expect

Build a Workplace People Love: Just Add Joy

Experience the classic talk Rich has delivered to audiences around the world about how Menlo builds joy into everything it does. Take away practical ideas to bring your workplace to a better place. This talk incorporates essential lessons from Rich's first book, Joy, Inc.

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Build a Workplace People Love: [Just Add Joy]

Joy of Human Energy - Ordinary Teams, Extraordinary Results

Not getting the results you want? You don't have to give up on your current team. Leaders can re-ignite the flame of passion and enthusiasm for one’s work and get extraordinary results with the same people. The key is leading in a way that fuels their human energy.

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Joy of Human Energy - Ordinary Teams, [Extraordinary Results]

Fight Fear, Embrace Change: Run the Experiment

Is your week made up of endless meetings that lead nowhere? Has your team given up on bringing new ideas to the table? With this talk, learn how you can move your organization from one of "that won't work here" to "let's run the experiment." Find out how this simple change can ignite a culture of action and learning like you've never seen before.

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Fight Fear, [Embrace Change]: Run the Experiment

Joy & Purpose: Storytelling and the Power of Intention

In this talk, Rich explores the power of values and purpose in creating an intentionally joyful culture and, once established, how to use storytelling to keep it alive, thriving, and growing.

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Joy & Purpose: Storytelling and the [Power of Intention]

Lead With Joy and Watch Your Team Fly!

Change is hard. But you won't create a joyful workplace by leading the way you've always led. In this talk, Rich explores his own journey to joy, focusing on how he had to learn to lead in a completely different way and, by doing so, witnessed results that exceeded his wildest expectations.

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[Lead With Joy] and Watch Your Team Fly!

Unleash Joy: Unlock Creativity & Innovation

Everyone wants the competitive edge that real innovation provides. But few know how to make it happen. In this talk, Rich explores why joy isn't just a 'nice to have' for fostering creativity; it is imperative. By unleashing the joy within your team, you will unlock the most human part of people that allows them—and your organization—to not only survive but thrive.

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Unleash Joy: [Unlock Creativity] & Innovation

No More Heroes: The Joy of Teamwork

The complexity we face in business today—and even more so in the future—outstrips the capacity of even our best heroes. Find out why Menlo elevates teams over individuals and how to foster the powerful teamwork that can future-proof your organization.

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No More Heroes: The [Joy of Teamwork]

Create the Joyful Culture You've Always Wanted

You and your team deserve a culture that brings you joy. The good news is: it's free. It does, however, require the hard work of serious change. And change can be scary. In this talk, Rich describes his very personal journey from joy to fear and back to joy again.

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Create the [Joyful Culture] You've Always Wanted

Joy in Our Schools: What Our Kids Need

In this talk, Rich describes the learning organization Menlo Innovations has created and how the lessons of Menlo can translate directly to the classroom.

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[Joy in Our Schools]: What Our Kids Need

In December 2018, Rich participated in a fireside chat with me, where he spoke to more than 200 of CMS Energy’s leaders. Rich was a crowd favorite and left us all feeling inspired and eager to act on his positive ideas. He discussed what it means to be joyful, how he created a joyful culture at Menlo, and how we too might use his practices to bring joy into our workplace. The next day, we had our own discussion about culture, and his fireside chat set us up for a productive conversation."

Patricia Poppe, CEO

- CMS Energy

Richard Sheridan


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