Lead With Joy and Watch Your Team Fly!

[Lead With Joy] and Watch Your Team Fly!


Change is hard. But you won't create a joyful workplace by leading the way you've always led. In this talk, Rich explores his own journey to joy, focusing on how he had to learn to lead in a completely different way and, by doing so, witnessed results that exceeded his wildest expectations.

In 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved sustained, powered, and manned flight for the first time. Shortly after, Orville Wright was interviewed about the feat and he declared that man would never be able to build a plane capable of carrying more than two people. It would be physically impossible. Rich read that story in a book on a 747 from Detroit to London while flying at 35,000 feet, at 500mph, with 50,000 gallons of fuel on board, with 400 passengers and their luggage in perfect creature comfort.

You, the leader, will need to make change, serious change.

In this talk, Rich will use this example and by analogy, apply it to human teams we are leading. The message is simple: when we finally understand the relevant principles (in flight, or in teams), we can fly to heights and distances that were previously unimaginable. Rich will take you on a journey of change in this talk and bring you to the place he is now - that we stand at the vanguard of understanding what it takes to unleash the human potential of the people who work for us and around us. He will explain how the common, unchanging, disengagement statistics are a fundamental failure of leadership and what simple things we can do to get our teams off the ground and flying.

You will come away energized and inspired. You will want to start you own journey to joy tomorrow! And he will convince you it is within your power to do so. All of these lessons are available to everyone no matter how big their company or how old their organization. 


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