Joy and HR - Lessons for Creating an Intentionally Joyful Culture

Joy and HR - Lessons for Creating an Intentionally Joyful Culture


Any organization that is on a culture transformation journey (and who isn’t these days?) and is not looking at their people processes will fail. Slowly and painfully, fail. Culture is a big topic and it seems every organization wants one. The truth is EVERY organization, young or old, big or small, has a culture. Many want to change the one they have to something better, more compelling, and more energizing. In this talk, Rich will explore how to create and foster an intentionally joyful culture.

Most organizations are not intentional about their cultures and thus, those cultures are defined by personalities, often heroes, rather than by leadership intention. Hero-based cultures are often defined by questions like who did we hire?, what attitudes walked in the door this morning?, what behaviors do we tolerate?

If a cultural intention is chosen, it must show up in every element of traditional HR: recruiting, interviewing, selection, onboarding, pay, feedback, promotion, and firing.

Rich will share experiences from his history as an executive at a tired public company, which transformed dramatically under Rich’s leadership. Rich will also share the story of Menlo Innovations, a company he co-founded in 2001 with the specific intention of a culture focused on The Business Value of Joy®.

He will explore different ways to recruit, the importance of storytelling, interview processes without questions, transparency in compensation systems run by the team itself, feedback systems designed by the team for the team, and the importance of being able to draw a short, straight line from all of the people processes back to joy!

Audience members will learn the importance of and be able to define an intentional culture versus a default culture, improvement strategies for even large organizations, and a few specific, actionable ideas to get started.


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