Build A Workplace People Love: Just Add Joy

Build a Workplace People Love: Just Add Joy


Experience the classic talk Rich has delivered to audiences around the world about how Menlo builds joy into everything it does. Take away practical ideas to bring your workplace to a better place. This talk incorporates essential lessons from Rich's first book, Joy, Inc.

This keynote explores the chaos and bureaucracy that pervades many businesses today and how those factors lead to poor results and employee disengagement. Rich proposes a new picture that can lead to joy within the team itself and produces joy for those you serve.

Rich will deliver two key takeways about purpose and a culture oriented towards action versus meetings and contemplation. He will share how to replace many longstanding corporate traditions with new approaches that energize your team and delight the people you serve. He will provide stunning examples, with practical approaches that can be implemented in your own team, on how to:

  • Increase communication with few to no meetings
  • Replace electronic communication with something far more effective
  • Turn plan from a noun into a verb and get everyone “on the same page”
  • Teach how observation of those you serve can lead to their delight
  • Explore a simple construct to make dramatic and lasting culture changes


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There are many ways to bring joy to your organization. Choose the topic that best fits the theme of your event.

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