Chief Joy Officer

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Chief Joy Officer

  • Self-understanding is the cornerstone for every virtue of leadership: authenticity, trust, humility, and optimism.
  • Good leaders make more leaders: Learn to judge your performance not on whether people are doing what they’re told, but whether they’re developing independent leadership capacity.
  • Influencing up is just as important as influencing down: how to encourage different thinking in those above you in your organizations.


Filled with colorful anecdotes from Sheridan’s personal journey and wisdom from many leadership mentors, Chief Joy Officer offers an approachable, down-to-earth philosophy and practice that will help even the most disillusioned of middle managers bring a renewed sense of purpose to their work building others.


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Revolutionize your life

If you feel like something is missing from your workplace but can’t quite figure out what, read this book. Richard Sheridan shows just how important a joyful workplace is, and how much it can revolutionize your life, your team, and your organization."

Kerry Patterson, Author

– Crucial Conversations and Influencer

Their servant leadership

I often say that Menlo is the most agile company on the planet. Want to know why? Their purpose. Their vision. And, most notably, their servant leadership. You need to read this book. Then read it again."

Linda Rising, Co Author

– Fearless Change and More Fearless Change

Inspired to my core

Richard Sheridan is the gift that society needs in a world that is becoming more and more artificial and transactional and less human and real. His teachings come not from a place of judgment or ego, but rather from compassion, care, and practice. I found myself inspired to my core and ready to take on the challenge of creating and enabling joyful cultures."

Dalton Li, Head of Innovation and Tech Strategy

– OppenheimerFunds

A powerful roadmap

A powerful roadmap on how to lead and inspire a modern workforce. Richard Sheridan is a profound innovator in the field of employee engagement. If you’re looking to build a high-performing team, you must devour Chief Joy Officer, immediately."

Josh Linkner, Tech Entrepreneur, Author, Venture Capitalist

Kindle the fire of joy

This book is about nothing less than restoring the soul of your company. I have read dozens of books on management and leadership. This is the only one that ever brought tears to my eyes. If you have found the top of the mountain to be an isolated, cold, and lonely place, then kindle the fire of joy—start your journey by reading Chief Joy Officer."

Darren Schumacher, PhD, Principal and Consultant

– Schumacher Consulting Services

Inspiring lessons

Read this book and you will want to be a Chief Joy Officer. Inspiring lessons from an exceptional leader of a company built on joy."

Jeffrey Liker, Author

– The Toyota Way


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