No More Heroes: The Joy of Teamwork

No More Heroes: The [Joy of Teamwork]


The complexity we face in business today—and even more so in the future—outstrips the capacity of even our best heroes. Find out why Menlo elevates teams over individuals and how to foster the powerful teamwork that can future-proof your organization.

It used to be that individual heroes could take on the biggest challenges and conquer them in business. We built whole businesses around such heroes. We still do. Forget the way it used to be.

Our only route now is to create the best teams we can. Yet in order to get to true teamwork, we must abandon the hero model and challenge most of the traditional reward systems that keep it in place.

Building Teams For Success

Bill Gates and Paul Allen created the first operating system for the PC in just a few months. Years later, one famous operating systems project took 10,000 people five years to complete. We have reached the point where individual heroes can no longer tackle the level of complexity we face in modern business projects. It is incumbent upon us as leaders to focus our attention on building teams.

In the talk, Rich will explore what true teams look like, how they behave (especially towards one another), and what existing reward systems must be re-examined to remove the impediments preventing teamwork from fully developing. He will explore with you the importance of relationships built upon trust and what practical approaches can be used to build that trust.

You will be inspired to bring back to your teams some new ideas for collaboration and teamwork and be encouraged to run some simple small experiments within your own organization to get to a more joyful way of working and leading.


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