Joy in Our Schools: What Our Kids Need

[Joy in Our Schools]: What Our Kids Need


In this talk, Rich describes the learning organization Menlo Innovations has created and how the lessons of Menlo can translate directly to the classroom.

In a world of constant change, we need something fundamentally different from our schools. What business needs today are not good test takers, but great problem solvers. Thousands of people come to visit Rich's company every year, and many of them are educators. They plead with Rich: "Please tell the world that THIS is what school should look like!"

What if the book All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum is actually true? Rich’s company, Menlo Innovations, seeks kindergarten skills as the primary filter for culture fit.

From The Classroom To The Workplace

What has Menlo learned from creating a one-room schoolhouse for innovation and what are the implications for how to teach young people to be better prepared for a world where half the jobs will disappear by the time they graduate and the other half don’t even exist yet.

Menlo tour guests who are educators number in the hundreds every year and in those visits they see a different model for creating a learning organization that can easily be applied to a classroom setting.

In this talk, Rich will share lessons about the intentionally joyful culture he has built at his company and how many of the practices and processes can be used to create an effective project-based learning system for kids in school.

Rich is asked every year to open up the year for educators across the country by delivering an inspiring keynote to remind teachers why they got into the profession in the first place and inspire them to try different approaches to teamwork within their classrooms.


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