Joy & Purpose: The Power of Intention

Joy & Purpose: Storytelling and the [Power of Intention]


In this talk, Rich explores the power of values and purpose in creating an intentionally joyful culture and, once established, how to use storytelling to keep it alive, thriving, and growing.

Every organization has a culture. The question is: is it intentional? Most organizations have what Rich calls a 'default' culture driven by 'who did we hire?', 'what behaviors do we tolerate?' and 'what attitudes came in the door today?'

Let’s assume business guru Peter Drucker was right … that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” How do we, as leaders, set the table for that meal?

In this talk, Rich will explore and connect the broad concepts of joy and purpose, tie them together in a sustainable system of values and visible actions that can be followed every day, and then articulate how a cultural norm of effective storytelling can make it real every single day.

Along the way, Rich will share real stories that will have you laughing, shedding tears, and sometimes a little of both. You will walk away inspired and motivated to get started on your own journey to joy.


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