Joy of Human Energy - Ordinary Teams, Extraordinary Results

Joy of Human Energy - Ordinary Teams, [Extraordinary Results]


Not getting the results you want? You don't have to give up on your current team. Leaders can re-ignite the flame of passion and enthusiasm for one’s work and get extraordinary results with the same people. The key is leading in a way that fuels their human energy.

It is often a common lament in difficult moments of leadership … “Oh, if only we had better people.”


You need to start with your culture and the process and practices that reinforce that cultural intention. Because even if you rebuild your team, you will likely end up with the same challenges.

Increasing The Human Energy Around Us

In this talk, Rich will explore how culture without process leads to chaos, and process without culture leads to bureaucracy. He will describe the route to an intentionally joyful culture and how this is a fundamental act of leadership. He will describe the four fundamental forces at work inside of any culture and how to consider changes that greatly improve the positive forces and diminish the negative ones. All of these thoughts lead to one central theme: as leaders we must focus all of our attention on increasing the human energy of the people who work for us. If this becomes the focus of our work as leaders, we can flip the engagement statistics that plague most organizations. Imagine what it would be like if we could go from 70% disengaged to 70% engaged and energized. We could have the same people now walking into work with a spring in their step and a purpose-filled joyful heart for the mission of the company.

Rich will outline in his talk why this focus actually makes the work of leaders easier, not harder. This talk will inspire the audience with practical ideas that can fuel the human energy of your team and inspire you to lead in new ways.


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