The Joy of Agility

Joy and Agility


World famous author and speaker, Linda Rising, describes Menlo Innovations as "the most agile organization in the world." In this talk, Rich shares the results from pursuing joy and agility as the central pillars of Menlo’s culture, and the practices that underpin them – leading to tantalizing results achieved in Menlo’s 20 years.

“We need to encourage habits of flexibility, of continuous learning, and of acceptance of change as normal and as opportunity - for institutions as well as for individuals.” 

― Peter F. Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles, 1993

In this keynote, Menlo co-founder, CEO and Chief Storyteller Rich Sheridan will explore the intentional joyful culture at Menlo Innovations, a company that world famous author and speaker Linda Rising calls "the most agile organization in the world." Rich will connect the dots from Peter Drucker's famous quote to the practical reality of running an actual organization that has achieved these aims.

Rich will explore the joy that results from the agility Menlo has pursued and achieved. He will recount the history of why this is important, why Menlo Innovations made joy and agility central pillars of their culture, the practices that underpin them, and the tantalizing results Menlo has achieved in the 20 years they've been in business.

What you can expect from this talk:

Specific points will include how their software design and development firm has only had two emergencies in 20 years, how they've done this without overtime, without hierarchy and with a flexibility that is both unbelievable AND achievable. Rich will deliver very practical ideas that any organization can experiment with the day after the talk. He will also share stories of how other companies have taken these same ideas and achieved joy and agility with their teams.

What if?

- You could reorganize a company or division every week without fanfare or complaint?
- You could balance the current workload to avoid overtime?
- You could meet the needs of all customers and internal stakeholders with current staff?
- You could easily onboard new talent with ease?
- Continuous learning occurred without a training department, budget or initiative?
- This could all be done without hierarchical authority?
- The process for doing this took less than two hours each week to plan, execute and communicate?
- The process itself energizes the team?
- Clients participated in this process?

These questions and more will be explored during the talk. You will come away believing joy and agility is not only possible but essential.


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