Unleash Joy: Unlock Creativity & Innovation

Unleash Joy: [Unlock Creativity] & Innovation


Everyone wants the competitive edge that real innovation provides. But few know how to make it happen. In this talk, Rich explores why joy isn't just a 'nice to have' for fostering creativity; it is imperative. By unleashing the joy within your team, you will unlock the most human part of people that allows them—and your organization—to not only survive but thrive.

In a world where traditional jobs are disappearing and business models are being upended daily, and where we fear that AI will both replace us and put us out of business, is there still room for joy inside of a company?

Everything is changing so rapidly today, it feels like just “keeping up” is an impossible task. Most of the things that threaten our current business didn’t even exist when our business began.

Borders Books was founded in 1972 and became the absolute darling of book lovers everywhere. In 1994, the newly birthed World Wide Web and browsers gave rise to a startup called Amazon. In the 17 years that followed, Borders never figured out how to respond and in 2011, the 1000+ stores were closed and the 20,000+ employees were let go.

Overcome The Fear

How do you ensure in this rapidly changing world that this doesn’t happen to your organization?

Like Glinda reminded Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “you’ve had the answer all along.” It’s there inside of all of us. What we need now more than ever is that most human part of our brain - the part of us that yields creativity, imagination, innovation and invention - all fueled by human energy.

The trouble is, when we operate in fear, we lose that part of us to “fight or flight” thinking.

In this talk, Rich will explore how to unleash that very human joy and energy within your own team and get them back to the creativity and imagination that will keep you competitive and thriving. This might have been a ‘nice to have’ in the old day. Now it is imperative for survival.

Unleash The Potential

You will walk away with a new energy for taking your organization on a journey to joy and inspired to lead in ways you had never before considered. Rich will do this simply by reminding you of what it means to be a human being, and why that reminder is all we will need to thrive in a world many believe will replace us all with intelligent machines. (It won’t unless you let it!)

This talk will inspire you to unleash the part we want most but get the least from our teams: creativity, imagination, invention and innovation.


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