Create the Joyful Culture You've Always Wanted

Create the [Joyful Culture] You've Always Wanted


You and your team deserve a culture that brings you joy. The good news is: it's free. It does, however, require the hard work of serious change. And change can be scary. In this talk, Rich describes his very personal journey from joy to fear and back to joy again.

Once upon a time, you had a dream for your work life. Rich did too. As days got to weeks, and weeks turned into years, the dream was tucked away, like a box in the attic.

If you are working harder than ever and getting even less done, it’s time for a change. And a big one.

In the talk, Rich takes you on a journey to remind you of what you really wanted from your work life and explain why you, like he did, might decide that the “risk of staying the same, is far greater than the risk of change.” If you cross the same bridge as Rich did in his mind, you will discover that running toward change isn’t running towards risk, but rather towards safety. What’s at risk is you. You want a better life at work, you want a better culture, you want to be a better leader.

Create a Joyful Place

In reminding you of what our true purpose at work is, you will be inspired to create change within your life and your organization. You will have the chance to end up in the same place Rich did - a joyful place filled with joyful people creating joyful outcomes.

He will describe how he has sustained it over two decades and use compelling examples of other leaders who have taken his lessons to heart and made substantial cultural change within some the oldest and largest companies around. Rich created the culture he always wanted, and he will inspire you to believe you can too!


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